Awesome Lord of the Rings paintings

Although not totally related to the class, since Tolkein took so much influence from the stories we read I figured Id post these. I think their awesome, they are just these bomb paintings done by this dude from scenes from throughout LotR. He also did some really good ones from the Simirallion as well.


Hope you enjoy


Tropes found in the stories we read this semester

Hey all, so there is this website that tracks all the common tropes/themes/ideas from basically every book/movie/comic ever. Some of you may of heard of it its called I punched in some of the works we read this semester out of curiosity and found a few cool things. One of which is how a lot of the tropes in these stories still exist and are popular in todays literature/culture. As an example I used the Tain, and one of the tropes was the “I expected you to be taller” which a few people say to Cu Chulain throughout the story. I think its funny because in movies today you still here this all the time. Also the “you wouldn’t like me when Im angry” before Cu Chulain lets out his inner hulk. So punch some of the literature we read out of curiosity or really anything youve ever read or watched. I always look at the listed tropes, than look at other works that use it and be like oh shit thats so awesome.


Heres the link to the one for the Tain (complete with a pretty badass illustration) Lemme know if you look up any others