Margery Kemp: In Middle English.

I don’t have too much to say about this post,  but I found what the first book of Margery Kemp in Middle English on Youtube and felt that since I hadn’t contributed to the Commonplace blog in a few days,  I could get back into things by posting it here,  but it seems that Youtube isn’t supported here anymore,  so here’s the link directly.   What do you guys think of this version?



Animated Franklin’s Tale

I know that we don’t go over the Franklin’s Tale until Monday,  but I figured that this would be some good prep viewing for the pichukuchu on Monday.    Personally,  this tale is one of my favorites because it preaches honesty and generosity.  The Franklin is one of the few ‘noble’ characters in The Canterbury Tales  What do you all think?

Prince of Dyfed Youtube Video.

I find that searching Youtube for videos on the stories that we are reading in class can be incredibly helpful.  This one in particular,  The Prince of Dyfed, Pwyll. It  something we had read earlier,  was something I stumbled upon a few days ago.  I meant to post it before class on that specific day,  but I forgot to do so.  This video is sort of corny,  like it was made for a high school level class,  but hearing and seeing visuals to go along with the reading always helped me understand the tale about the switching of the bodies and how they ruled each others kingdoms for so long. It’s interesting to see someone else’s interpretation.

Reading of Layamon’s Brut

I know that the lines that are read in the above video are in a previous portion of the reading,  but listening to the reader greatly helped understand the overall tone of the story.   As I am not well versed when it comes to the language on the page,  hearing someone else sound out the words is quite helpful trying to understand the meter.   It’s quite beautiful,  if I do say so myself.