Animated Franklin’s Tale

I know that we don’t go over the Franklin’s Tale until Monday,  but I figured that this would be some good prep viewing for the pichukuchu on Monday.    Personally,  this tale is one of my favorites because it preaches honesty and generosity.  The Franklin is one of the few ‘noble’ characters in The Canterbury Tales  What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “Animated Franklin’s Tale

  1. Yes I agree that the Franklin is an upstanding representative of his social class. As is his obligation of his social role to provide hospitality, he keeps his table ready at all times to host others. His unwavering fulfillment of this duty is reflecting in the characters of his story (the Knight and the Lady). The Knight keeps to his word never to stand in her way, and the Lady keeps to her word making her body available to the Squire after he fulfills his promise. The Squire, however, does not keep his word to the lady, for he does not truly eliminate the rocks, but tries to trick her with the help of some magic. He also does not pay the man he hired to create the illusion.


  2. Good point. Didn’t consider that it could have just been high-tide. Sorry it took so long to reply. I tend to forget that I post these. I don’t think that Aurelius is as good-natured and as noble as I originally indicated in my powerpoint. He seems, from a distance to be more of a clingy-keep-your-distance- ex boyfriend.


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