Caves on caves on caves (Star Wars)

Star Wars and Caves in Medieval Literature

I thought this was a fun concept. The parallel between caves in medieval literature and the caves in cinema, such as Star Wars, makes for an interesting discussion. I was unable to find a published article (not sure if there is one), but the video presents the idea just fine. I believe some of the examples they used to relate the caves and their meanings could have been a little more in depth. As a child watching the movies I never tried to understand Luke in the Rancor pit as some form of a growth tool or test for the Jedi. I would like to here if anybody else can make any parallels between the two, or if someone can dispute any of the examples posed in the video.

I am also trying to find a relationship between Luke trapped in the Wampa’s (snow monster) cave on Hoth and a piece of literature. If anybody has any ideas or readings that may relate to this, please post them.

Thank you


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