So, I found a few short cartoon clips from the same cartoon about The Tain, mostly focusing of Cu Chulainn. Unfortunately (for me, anyway), the cartoon seems to have been made for children as a way to ease them into the tale, as it portrays Medb as an evil queen and Cu Chulainn as strictly a caring hero. Also, the battle scene between Fer Diad and Cu Chulainn ends with the death of both men, which obviously is not the case in our book. The clip is only five minutes, so check it out! (the gae bolga in this looks so weak, too!). Cu Chulainn cartoon

I guess I’m still struggling with the fact that Cu Chulainn is regarded as a heroic figure by many people, as much of my research has much alluded to. I’d like to think that a true heroic character wouldn’t kill every living being that he or she comes in contact with. There are a bunch of comic images of the character here: cu chu and apparently he even fights Thor in one of the issues. He also seems to be regarded as one of the greatest warriors to come out of Ireland – and don’t get me wrong – he is very powerful, but I feel like people form opinions about his character without fully reading the text or having only seen adaptions like the cartoon clip from earlier. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling now, if anyone wants to give me some opinions about his character, that would be great. I’m going to be writing my final paper trying to dig deeper into his character and the hyper-masculinity portrayed throughout the text.


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  1. I keep reading the Táin as a how-to guide for boys to become men in the time period it was created. This same book now would not be appropriate for children, but in the times of constant war and battle I think this book was proper for young men. In the newer cartoon version you mention, I believe that it is necessary to transition from ruthless killer to lovable hero. Children of Irish background can have a fictional hero to idealize, even if when they grow up they find out he was a maniac.


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