More books to read…and a bit of TV as well!

At the start of the semester I shared this book with Professor Hostetter, and thought I could share it with everyone else!

The Wake is a novel about post-apocalyptic England, during the Norman invasions. The author, Paul Kingsnorth, decided to write the novel in a hybrid language, merging Old English with our modern English. Here is an excerpt to give you an idea:

loc it is well cnawan there is those wolde be tellan lies and those with only them selfs in mynd. there is those now who specs of us and what we done but who cnawan triewe no man cnawan triewe but i and what i tell i will tell as i sceolde and all that will be telt will be all the triewth.

Choosing to write in this manner Kingsnorth transports his readers to undoubtedly another time and place. I think this also has an affect on the reader’s level of comfort. I felt somewhat disoriented when first digging into reading this, and I think that mirrors how the characters we follow are feeling, “as the men travel across the scorched English landscape.”

Another book I have found while frequenting book stores is Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives. I’ve only picked it up and skimmed it, but it looks like an interesting read with info and stories to help dispel nasty stereotypes about the Medieval era. It might not be a comprehensive account, but it seems accessible and entertaining. To accompany the book, there is a BBC series by Terry Jones of the same name. It looks like all of the episodes (around 30 minutes each) are on YouTube, and again are informative and entertaining! Cheers!


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