After rereading Bisclavret, I found myself feeling very sorry for his wife. After being told that her husband was a werewolf, which is probably a deal-breaker in most normal relationships, she decides that she doesn’t want to be with him. It was stated previously how much she loved her husband so this was probably devastating. Also, she never cheated on her husband either, it was made very clear that she never even promised her love to that knight. She didn’t want to do her husband any harm, she just did not want to stay married to a part time werewolf. I don’t know much about that time, but I’m assuming that it wasn’t very easy for a woman to initiate a divorce. She knew if she took his clothes, he wouldn’t be able to come back to her. I think she was clever!

Unrelated, but also super relevant is this clip from a great movie.


One thought on “Bisclavret

  1. On the topic of the wife in Bisclavret, I think what’s ultimately the argument for her is that her husband isn’t really her husband. Being a werewolf should probably come up on the third or fourth date. I’m really glad that we’ve discussed this so much because a surface reading is that the title character was justified in his actions toward his (ex)wife and her new husband. But she never had a full relationship with him. She only got to be with him four days a week and so she barely had a real husband half the time. That was bound to fail sooner or later.


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