Mabinogi — Old and Modern

I am a gamer at heart, and thanks to a group of friends I have been trying all sorts of new styles and genres of games. A name I didn’t expect to hear on the “To Play” list my friends have concocted was “The Mabinogi.” I asked them what it was and was told that it’s more or less a “choose your own adventure” style game, a Role-playing game where you get to choose different professions and “lives” to cycle through. You make a character, dress them up how you like, and put them on any sort of adventure you can find.

The variety and story-telling aspect of the game struck me as familiar, and after looking up the description of “The Mabinogi” book that we’ll be reading in class, I can see where the creators of the game got the name. Both titles involve variety, story-telling, and adventure. I never would have recognized the real-life reference without this class, and I love discovering small little “easter eggs” in my life like that.

Here’s a description and trailer of the game for any interested.


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